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Privacy and confidentiality

Agence Unik is committed to ensuring the protection and confidentiality of all personal information that you provide or that we collect when you visit our website. Any data or information that may be transmitted to Agence Unik through its website is protected by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the Act respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (Québec) , which require Agence Unik to respect the confidentiality of all information and data that it may collect, whether thru written, graphic, audio, visual, digital, electronic or other input.


Any information or data that may have been collected by Agence Unik through its website and which could allow the identification of the user is kept by Agence Unik and will remain strictly confidential. This type of information can only be obtained if it is provided by the user via email, or other means of communication with Agence Unik. When you browse the website, anonymous data may be collected; this is automatically captured by third-party tools, such as Google Analytics, to collect non-personal information related to the use of our website. No information collected by Agence Unik through its websites will be transferred to a third party, in accordance with applicable laws.


At any time, if you wish to deactivate the collection of data by Google Analytics, you can do so by consulting the following page:


Agence Unik may use cookies to facilitate navigation on its website. These files are specially designed to be automatically stored on the visitor's computer. Agence Unik may, on occasion, use cookies to monitor the sections of the website consulted by visitors of our website. The use of cookies is standard industry practice, and many reputable websites use them for the convenience of their visitors. Cookies as such do not personally identify the user, although they can identify their computer. Users who are concerned about the use of cookies can consult the "Help" section of their browser software to learn more about these files and how to deactivate and delete them.

Only authorized individuals within Agence Unik have access to the personal information you provide on the Agence Unik website. This access is granted strictly for the purposes set out in this online privacy statement.


Our website,, may contain links leading to other websites. Agence Unik cannot be held responsible for the information or guidelines regarding respect for privacy found there. Users are encouraged to check the privacy policies of sites linked to Unik Agency websites and to use their good judgment regarding the reliability and accuracy of the information they contain.

The range of services offered by Agence Unik continues to expand. Agence Unik reserves the right to modify this Confidentiality Policy at any time.  Agence Unik is determined to ensure the protection of personal information and, to do this, it applies the security measures that are generally applied and recognized for this purpose.


For any questions relating to this Privacy Policy, you can contact our officer responsible for the protection of personal information at

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